Conor Buckley

About Me

Professional Work

In my previous job I was a junior network engineer for two and a half years. The majority of work was on-site with clients improving and maintaining their systems with off-site work involving troubleshooting over the phone and/or using screen sharing tools.
My job included:

Personal Projects

Custom Configuration Management

Over time I have created a series of scripts which I used for configuring my Linux-based machines. These were originally made to propagate my scripts to various V.P.S.s but evolved into configuration management. This is extremely useful as re-setting up servers is much faster and their configuration becomes backed up and tested as a result. I hope to learn Ansible or another configuration management solution in the future.

Small Home Server

Anything not explicitly stated to be a virtual machine is running on bare-metal.

Amazon Web Services

Minecraft Server

I run a Minecraft server for some friends primarily to learn about A.W.S. (Amazon Web Services). As part of this I have learned the following:

For the Minecraft server, the A.P.I. is either controlled directly by the instance or using a second instance.

Automatic V.P.N. OpenVPN configuration on A.W.S.

While being away from home for a week I made a series of scripts to create an A.W.S. instance, install and configure an OpenVPN server send the client configuration to my laptop and connect to the V.P.N. Once OpenVPN stopped on my laptop (or the configuration failed), the instance is terminated. This project is called 'makeEC2VPN'.

Self-Hosted Services

Due to a mixture of privacy and tinkering, I run a lot of the online services I depend on using a V.P.S. running Debian (Linux) in Sydney. These services are: