Conor Buckley

Mount Encrypted Volume (MountCrypt)


MountCrypt is a tool to add, remove, list, mount and unmount named encrypted volumes in it's null-delmited configuration file. This differs from Crypttab in a few ways:

MountCrypt is built for recent versions of G.N.U./Linux (requires the Bourne Again Shell; hence G.N.U.).

Why MountCrypt was Created

MountCrypt was developed out of my wish to be able to trivially mount the filesystem on (usually) an encrypted drive in a relatively quick manner via the command line, particularly on my air-gapped machine. In the past, this was done with a simple alias to first open the encrypted volume and then mount it (regardless of whether or not it opened successfully). Of course, I still needed to do the unmount and close manually after this. I later made the first iteration of this script to handle this in a very basic way: hardcoding the path I wanted to open, what to call the mapping, and where to mount it. This worked, but I was still pretty clunky, and I would like to be able to trivially do this on other machines, and so the ability to read a null-delimited configuration file was added; this eventually turned into me making the script more responsive to errors, and adding in the abilities to modify and list the contents of the configuration file, with all the complexity that comes with it. This is the product of all this.

Usage Instructions

Instructions on how to use MountCrypt can be found by running it with the 'help' as the first argument.


Note that all files provided below for download are encapsulated in a G.P.G. signature made using my 'Conor Andrew Buckley' key pair. To download my 'Conor Andrew Buckley' key pair, visit the 'Contact and Authentication' page.

Version Licence Type Last Updated (YYYY-MM-DD) Notes
1.2 2-Clause B.S.D. Licence 2017-07-19 This is the first version of MountCrypt to be publicly released and has not been tested. Use with caution.