Conor Buckley

screenPushTilExit (screenPushTilExit)


This script will look for the running screen in a given SystemD service's CGroup and wait for it to exit. Optionally, this script can also send a string to the screen; a stop command for a server for example.

Usage Instructions

Extract the tarball to /; the script will be installed at '/usr/local/bin/screenPushTilExit'.

When the script is waiting for the screen to stop it will cycle between prining 1 '-' 9/10 seconds, and then print a 'x' on the 10th second before restarting the cycle. When the 'x' is printed, the stop string will be passed if it has been set. This continues as long as the screen exists.


Ensure the following commands are available:

I used Bash version 4.4.12(1)-release but other relatively new versions should be fine as well.


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Version Licence Type Last Updated (YYYY-MM-DD) Notes
1 2-Clause B.S.D. Licence 2018-09-04