Conor Buckley



Establishes an SSH port forward, verifies the ports are forwarding, then starts the given application. If the given application or the required ports cease to respond, the session and application are closed.


All versions of this are licenced under the G.N.U. Public License v2.0 (version 2 only). The licence can be found in the signed .deb file under 'control.tar.xz/copyright'

Usage Instructions

At this time, no usage instructions are provided.


Note that all files provided below for download are encapsulated in a G.P.G. signature made using my 'Conor Andrew Buckley' key pair. To download my 'Conor Andrew Buckley' key pair, visit the 'Contact and Authentication' page.

Version Last Updated (YYYY-MM-DD) Notes
1.0-2 2020-01-19 N/A